Take Back Control

It’s been a while. There’s no doubt that Brexit has divided a nation straight down the middle. Since the vote to Brexit (yes, that is a verb, and no, we haven’t Brexitted yet), we’ve had Bregrexit, Remoaners, and BoJo thankfully seems further away from politics than ever before.

But there is one Brexit issue that I just can’t get my head around. Whilst it is great that people were able to speak out in one mass advisory poll on the 23rd June 2016, “the people” – the 100% of the electorate – have been silenced by a myth. This myth? That “The People”, who have spoken, must shut up, as if it were a law or rule passed through Parliament at the ruthless hands of Theresa May. “The People” who were sold, by Vote Leave, the opportunity to “Take Back Control” over their lives, must hand over this control completely to the Tory cabinet.

freedom of speech

The only people who have taken back control are the Parliamentarians. We have not and cannot build our own Brexit, let alone overturn it, without a widespread voice from below. After all, we are “the People”. Having two groups of people – a majority and a minority – does not give governing powers the right to tell people to put up with injustices. Now is the time to speak out and fight Brexit, and it’s really easy to do.

Build your own Brexit – or no Brexit at all. It is imperative that people, at this democratic period throughout which you are always in control, voice their frustrations and concerns about Brexit. Leaving it to the fat-cats in Parliament will be counterproductive to Leavers and Remoaners alike. To stop Brexit now: tweet, march, and write to your local newspaper to speak out. If your MP, like mine, is too weak to stand up for their lost campaign and their seemingly lost belief in the European Union, then the media is the only way to make a difference. Share it. Make your mark.

Remember, this will be the people’s legacy. You are still the people, and whilst you are told repeatedly that you have already spoken, it is your democratic right to speak, speak loudly, and speak again.

Written by Will Durrant

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