OPINION: Seeing Blue – This election isn’t about Brexit

This election isn’t about Brexit; it’s globalist values that count.

It doesn’t matter whether you label yourself a socialist, like I do, or a capitalist, or a centrist, or a liberal. This election is about preserving globalism over a regressive Tory Brexit.

I’m a Labour party member, and I believe that they present the option for a globalist future, compliant with the values of the EU and EFTA.  I am voting for a party which, in its manifesto, promotes Britain as a supreme leader in human rights, rather than trying to build the detestable facade that Britain is the supreme leader of the human race (as the blueKIP party seem to be doing).

This is the choice we face. I’m not saying that I don’t like the Liberal Democrats’ or the Greens’ aims of staying in the EU – at this moment of time I genuinely think we need to have a layer of proection against fascist regressivism. But I’m just saying that, if the Greens or the Liberal Democrats have no hope in hell of winning in your consituency, you need to vote for Jezza.

Stop seeing Blue. Stop blindly worshipping the EU.

The EU is not the be-all and end-all of British politics.

Progressive, globalist values, however, are the dogs bollocks. That’s something I’ll stand by.

Jeremy Corbyn has said that he’ll protect EU citizens in the UK. He’s said that your MP will be able to make conscious decisions to vote against a botched-Brexit, unlike the Tory promise to take up some kind of supreme, weak-and-wobbly, anti-democratic Brexit leadership.

The immigration policy is worded in a way which means there will be very little, if any, change to the current terms of immigration which exist today. Students, like me, and workers will, under a Labour Brexit, be allowed to continue to move freely if we comply, as Corbyn and Starmer suggest, with globalist values.

Corbyn will build a good relationship with Ireland and the EU. If he does lead us into the unknown, he will protect workers’ rights.

Through his democratic socialist policies, he will invest in the poorest areas of the country, like Wales, instead of just the South East, which is a direct copy of the EU’s aims of raising the GDP of the poorest regions of Europe.

He aims to align us with Europe, keeping us on the same page, instead of flying-off to the über-regressive USA, which caused the global financial crash of 2008. He aims to keep us in ERASMUS, EURATOM, and other non-EU enterprises which keep us connected to our dearest neighbours, and even countries like Turkey.

The desire amongst neutralists, Brexiteers, and Remoaners alike, is a desire to progress on from Brexit; even Theresa May has championed herself as some kind of progressive leader, advocating for change in Britain. Let’s make this change positive, globalist, and compatible with the values of our united European neighbours.

Believe in the arguments, not the structure. Let’s be proud to call ourselves leaders in the promotion of rights and an unconditionally globalist future. That’s what I’m fighting for. That’s why I’m #StandingUpForWales, and voting Labour.

Will Durrant

These are the views of Will, not those of “The Young European.” As a newspaper, we advocate for a future either in or out of the EU, but we do care about campaigning for a future in which Britain retains a good relationship with its closest neighbours in (and out of) the EU. “The Young European” has non-partisan, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative, and other writers. Writers, like Will, are encouraged to express their personal viewpoints, even if they’re not 100% aligned with that of others in the newspaper. Don’t like Will’s views? Comment below!


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