The Young European is a brand new newspaper launched by Students For The EU  under the request of it’s current President Felix Milbank. The aim of the paper is to make sure that young people are given a voice and fair listening to in the world of politics.                                                                                                                                                                                                             The bi-weekly newspaper wants to make sure that young people (anyone under the age of 25) are given the opportunity to have their thoughts and feelings read and understood, by all.  We believe young people and students have been pushed to the side and forgotten about, and that this paper is to put that right.

We particularly encourage GCSE and A level students to take part as it will look great on your CV and Personal statement. This will be a newspaper written by young people, for young people. The Young European welcomes all styles of writing and we couldn’t care less if it’s a rant or well structured article, just so long as it’s reflection of how you feel about topics which matter to you.

To have your work published online and in the paper, head over to the  “Write For Us” page which is listed on the Menu Bar.