Write For Us

The Young European wouldn’t exist if it didn’t have the work of young people.  It’s your creativity and passion for the things that matter to you that make this newspaper possible. We refuse to let young people be pushed aside and ignored whilst our nation is entering into a Political Crisis.Whilst we have our usual writers and bloggers,  the driving force of this newspaper will be those who read it and feel inspired by it. Below you’ll find details of how you can get your work published in our bi-weekly newspaper as well as featuring on our blog.

We particularly encourage GCSE and A level students to take part as it will look great on your CV and Personal statement. This will be a newspaper written by young people, for young people. The Young European welcomes all styles of writing and we couldn’t care less if it’s a rant or well structured article, just so long as it’s reflection of how you feel about topics which matter to you.

What should the article/ piece of work include ?

  • The piece of work be between 500-1000 words. Nothing more and nothing less will be accepted.
  • Pro EU and Anti Brexit sentiment. Whilst its not required for you to speak out against Brexit in order for you to have your work published, we wont accept anything Pro Brexit or Pro Theresa May.
  • Passion. This is very important. We want to see passion in your work because without it people wont feel compelled or enthusiastic to read it. We want people to share what your message on social media and elsewhere.
  • Critical thinking and a well layered out debate which will get readers thinking. Changing public opinion is what we’re trying to achieve so if you deliver an interesting debate you could influence that. Think about what it you’re trying to say and then form it into a persuasive debate which will get the readers thinking.

Who do I send it to and how will I know if my work is chosen ?

We ask for you to email your work to us via a word or pdf document. Having providing us with your email and phone number we’ll be able to let you know as soon as we’ve read it. This could take 2-3 days as we have to read through every submission to which we then decide which ones will be published online and which ones will be put in the paper.

We hope to be inundated with submission as its always a delight to read different opinions. If you have any further question please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via Twitter or email.

Best of luck,

The Young European